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Twice The Relaxation By Passion HD

This is actually Lilly’s very first scene with Passion HD and the other girl Sami St. Clair it’s hers as well. If you guys like this site and want more Passion HD videos and stuff then just click on that link, it’s the best resource I know of. So we have a whole bunch of first that are not really first let’s be honest. It’s a hot ass threesome and this guy spends a lot of time fucking Rainia Belle’s perfect tight pussy but the best part is probably at the end where he is cumming in each of their mouths and you hear one of the girls choking LOL! I don’t know if it’s Rainia or not I mean she seems like a girl who would swallow a load of cum without batting a eye lash but you never know! Anyways I hope you enjoy this scene and stay tuned because I suspect that Passion HD isn’t done with Rainia quite yet!

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